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Anonymous said: *she blushed as he came closer* U-Um H-Happy Valentine's Day S-Suzuya-san. *she held the box out for him to take*

His eyes widened. She was looking to give it to him? “F-For me?” he repeated, making sure that he heard correctly. “T-Thank you…” he smiled, accepting her gift. “D-Did you make it yourself?”

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Weeehh, perfect~ Now let’s hear a “Nyaaaaaaa~”? It will all be worth it, trust me! :D (Haley will like it)

"A-A what?—" Suzuya repeated. Why was she taking this so far?! Looking in front of the mirror, a confused expression plastered on his face, he curved his hands to resemble a cat and let out an embarrassing "N-Nyaa…"

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ojouchama said: (haha oops) She smiled while eating. "Its my chocolate, i should know how it tastes." She laughed. "You try now"

((nono it’s okayyy~))

Suzuya chuckled awkwardly. “A-Aha… of course…” He was acting strange, maybe the fact that she made him chocolate was finally getting to his brain. Taking another piece of chocolate, he placed it in his mouth and let the chocolate melt on his tongue. “It’s.. really good.” He said through his teeth as he chewed.

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sugimemories said: Happy Valentines Day Suzuya! *hugs him* I don't have any chocolates or cards to give you, but I think a hug would be a nice gift (:

"A hug from you is better than anything I could have ever received. Anything from you, even if it was a small button, the fact that you chose it is what makes it special." He returned the hug, though thoughts started to flood his mind.

"Can I… ask for a kiss too?"

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frostedklutz said: "Suzuya!" The girl called as she walked up to him, clutching a small box towards her chest. "Happy Valentine's day! Hope you like the homemade chocolate." She said, face as red as a tomato. She clutched her eyes closed as she handed him the neatly wrapped box, adorned with a red and white ribbon.

Suzuya blue eyes started widening. “Homemade…” he repeated, slowly taking the box of her chocolates. It looked so perfect, just like her. So much time was clearly put into this present for him. Only him.

A light smile grew on his face. Her expression was so cute, he couldn’t resist. “Thank you so much. Homemade? Of course I love homemade… anything you make… I love…” He mumbled the second half of that sentence.

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Anonymous said: *shyly peeking at Suzuya from around a corner holding a chocolate box*

From where Suzuya stood, around the corner of the hall seemed quite hidden, however timing his glance at the right moment, he saw a girl peaking her face out, holding what looked to be a valentine gift for someone. He walked up to her.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

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ojouchama said: She blushed, she’s never been fed like this. She opened her mouth as Suzuya was feeding her. “Ahn~” (continuing from before)

((Was just gonna respond after I got through the asks aha))

As a light smile adorned his face, he lightly placed the chocolate in her mouth. “Well? How is it?”

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Anonymous said: Whenever I see chocolate, it reminds me of ur hair for some reason :) so Happy Valentines Day Tohzuki-san, *hands him a box of chocolate* :)

"My hair? Is my hair really that dark?" He asked, feeling a few strands of it between his fingers. Looking at the box of chocolates, he smiled and gratefully accepted. "Thank you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!" Leaning down quickly, he placed a light peck on her cheek.

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